First blog post


Wham! Bam! Kapow!!! this is the first blog wooooooooooooooooowhooooooo!

This is exciting stuff, the first blog wow, what do I do now? Explain what’s happening? OK! so I’m an actor and I’ve set myself a goal to write my very first play. I haven’t really thought this through and since I am just writing everything that I am thinking anyway lets set some goals, for you to see and for me to stick too!

Right O, Step One do some research on how to write plays. I’ve recently found this website with some writing exercises to do the script lab so I’ll give them ago and show you what I come up with.

Step Two – brainstorm some ideas about plays I’d like to write, I kinda want to get this done by the end of next week.

Step Three – Just write the play. I want to have a rough draft at the end May, giving myself 13 weeks to come up with a fairly well thought out product.

Step Four – Finish the product, end of July.

Step Five – Find a producer to put it on.

Step Six – Watch my first play on the stage.

And that is pretty much my plan, obviously I am very naive to the process, and may not have an understanding just yet on how this works, which is another reason why I’m blogging to record my trail and errors.

Final goal, how often should I blog and will it correlate with my progress? Hmmmmm maybe I should blog every other day? Yeah lets give that a go for now. Max. every two days Min. Once a week.


Have a wonderful evening and I shall catch you later 🙂








2 thoughts on “First blog post

  1. This is interesting! I’m with you in this journey! It always fascinates me to watch the creative process of artists amd writers alike, so I really hope you continue blogging about this. Good luck and welcome to the blogosphere! 🌻

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